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Pneumatic Braking Hoses and Assembly
     All our pneumatic braking hose assemblies have passed the authentification of automotive products in 2003 and made strictly in accordance with national standard---GB/16897-1997.
Specifications and Parameters
Spec Working Pressure (MPa) Breaking Pressure (MPa) Max Tension (KN) Bend Radius (mm)
8×15 1.38 5.52 1.5 45
10×17 1.38 5.52 1.5 45
13×22 1.38 5.52 1.5 50
  注:产品规格用“ 内径×外径(mm)”表示。
      They have shown better features at airproof, pressure, tensile, temperature, antioxidation and flexibility.Well used in pneumatic braking system of automotives.
Specifications and Parameters
Spires Length (m) Diameter of Spire (mm) Length OD×Thickness (mm)
18 3.0 114 150 ф12×1.5
22 3.5 114 150 ф12×1.5
26 4.0 114 150 ф12×1.5
28 4.3 144 150 ф12×1.5
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