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  TPUG Hoses
     (Thermoplastic      Polyurethane Hose)
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     (Thermoplastic      Polyurethane Hose)
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TPUG (Thermoplastic Polyurethane Hose)
      Hoses of TPUG are well used in automotive industry,oil-piping and engineering vehicles for hydraulics, oil system and lubricant.They have advantages as follows:
1、 With steady performance, anti-abrasion, anti-oxidation, anticorrosion, antipollution, and long lifespan (twice or triple rubber hoses).
2、 Light weight, less bend radius, easy to design and installation.
3、 Less loss of pressure.
4、 Higher pressure resistance, 30% more than rubber hose.
5、 Used to wide temperature change.
6、 Nonpoisonous, inodorous, non-pollution, easy and safe to storage and transportation.
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